kristen turner-hamblen

Hi – I’m Kristen! I’m a wedding, branding + portrait photographer and I can’t wait to work with you and help craft your unique story. 

When I’m not out taking photos or admiring planty things outdoors, you’ll find me on a totally opposite end of the spectrum as a researcher and teaching assistant. Being a scientist and educator require me to be detail-oriented, and systematic in every approach to learning, understanding and creating something new.

These are exactly the same attributes that make me the photographer you need for you, your brand or special occasion.

About Kristen

Give me breakfast. Anytime. PANCAKES ...with brown butter. Drown in maple syrup.
“Can I get a [item here] ADD BACON?”
Steak dinners on rooftops.
KALE in my caesar. SPINACH.
Steam that broccoli.
Medjool dates and goat cheese.
Cinnamon rolls. ALL of the cinnamon rolls.

fancy foodie for life


I haven’t the slightest clue where my artistic side comes from. As a kid, I was always creating things. I loved working with my hands and still do. Being surrounded by talented artists further inspires me creatively. Rich color, abstract work, classic black and white styles, whimsical fine lines and sharp details – I live for all of the above.

art is my heart


I have a husband somehow. He’s an incredible human being -- we were friends in grade school. Life brought us close together in adulthood and we married in 2019. We have two puppers that we know are secretly people in pupper-form and we are a family that absolutely loves to take on new challenges and adventures. 

Married to my soulmate



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